Why French economy drives Europe currently?

Where as German markets seem to be stagnant, French economy has gotten plenty of air under it’s wings during Macron´s government. What has president Macron achieved during last 5 years?

Technology sector has created 25 new unicorns and last year it was given 11,6 billion Euros funding. The IT cluster of Paris area has become bigger than Silicon Valley. Growth in Economy in 2021 was whopping 7%. Unemployment is the lowest in last 10 years.

French economy has recovered also better from Covid pandemic than many other. Government has generously aided companies from over 100 billion Euros “Covid recovery” fund.

Macron´s “Costs what it costs” -principle has brought results. Now government subsidizes rapidly increased energy prices by setting price cap for example for gasoline.

We have from the year 1997 helped Finnish big, small and medium sized companies in France, whether the need has been:

  • Market studies
  • Distributor and dealer analysis
  • OEM and end customer acquisition
  • Company establishment and related operative support

Our services can be also financed by ELY center/Business Finland subsidies

(Tempo, Explorer..). We are approved consultant for ELY centers. This enables cost effective use of our high standard services with subsidized prices.

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