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Why French economy drives Europe currently?

Where as German markets seem to be stagnant, French economy has gotten plenty of air under it’s wings during Macron´s government. What has president Macron achieved during last 5 years?

Why virtual tradeshows play an important role in B2B sales channel operations?

How to use virtual tradeshows to get your dealers a boost?

Not happy with your dealers’ performance?

Why Maslow’s “hierarchy of needs” is still a valid theory for B2B dealer management?

Are you on the wrong side of the internationalization curve after COVID-19?

If your company is at an early stage of internationalization, you might have to adjust your sales channels strategy.

Do your products bring enough revenue for your partners now and in the future?

Functionality and dynamics of global sales channels has changed in past 10 years. In our latest blog we will tell how to evaluate dealer network and what kind of dealers will be the right choice after COVId-19 situation.

How coronavirus affects the sales channel functionality in the future?

Functionality and dynamics of global sales channels has changed in past 10 years. In our latest blog we will tell, how sales channels will be affected be the koronavirus.

Why COVID-19 challenges sales management to act more efficiently in the future?

How has the sales channel approach of manufacturing industry changed in the past 10 years?
Why it is important especially now for sales directors to understand the dynamics of this change?

Afternoon Seminar on 20th of August – Change of Physical B2B Sales Channels in Time of Digitransformation

The dynamics of Physical B2B sales channels and distribution networks will change. We arrange free afternoon seminar on this topic together with Regus on Tuesday 20th of August in Keilaranta, Helsinki.


Nordic’s clients are moving forward in the USA

Nordic Industries Development has renewed contracts with 4 existing clients and signed contracts with 4 new Finnish manufacturing  companies to develop their presence and business activities in the USA.


An Outstanding American Delegation from industrial heartlands joined Nordic’s “Manufacturing USA” seminars in Finland in November

The ambassador Mr. Bruce J. Oreck opened the Helsinki seminar on Trends and Prospects in USA for Finnish exporters and manufacturing industry. The seminars in Helsinki and Tampere featured leading industry advisors from Midwest who shared their insights of how to develop the American markets.

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