Nordic Industries Development Group provides B2B Sales Channel Management and development consulting services to industry leaders globally.
We combine operational consulting with the leading edge Sales Channel Management and Dealer Collaboration Tool – The Rudolf.


What makes us different?

We are not just another consulting company. With over 25 years of expertise, we have developed radically different approach to market and sales channel development: ACTIONABLES and MEASURABILITY of actions, based on clearly defined processes supported by IT.

Our unparalleled strength is getting involved in execution and having the deep operational knowledge of the industries and the countries’ business cultures.

Why we developed our unique Sales Channel Management and Dealer Collaboration Tool “The Rudolf”?

Our clients needed to go deeper and further than CRMs, PRMs and current sales enablement tools to understand what really happens inside the channels and to obtain “insights” and market understanding from the channel and end users, in real time. But, the most important was to create an ecosystem neutral tool for our clients to enable them to collaborate better with their channel partners.

From one-directional to bi-directional

We help our clients to achieve the change in the way of working and collaborating with their channel partners. Starting from network wide audits, project scope specification, building up customer and dealer experience as well as streamlining the sales strategies, we help you to scale and succeed in the digital transformation throughout the global sales channels. But foremost, we work with dealers and partners in mind to accommodate their objectives and needs, as we change your channel collaboration from one directional to bi-directional.

You need more than digitalization

Digitalization is transforming the way companies perceive the value of B2B channel partners and interact with them.

Leveraging the benefits of the digitalization with all stakeholders is necessary to stay ahead of the game.

Digitalization alone, however, will not solve everything.  For the real change, you need the right philosophy of how you manage your channel partners and how efficient collaborative processes are.

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