Why Finnish export industry should be interested in EU’s Pandemic Recovery Plan?

EU has earmarked over 800 billion euros for next 5 years to improve it´s internal industries and standards of living, that’s why.

EU will fund with 200 billion euros it´s internal greenification shift. And with even bigger amount it’s funding industries and infrastructure in several countries.

But the share from this pot is not the same for every country. Finland’s share is 2,1 billion, where Spain and France will receive more than 100 billion. Germany gets only 25 billion euros.

So where should the growth markets be looked for in near future?

Would you like to know to which countries, which industrial segments and projects this money will be allocated ?

Nordic Industries Development Oy has helped all types of manufacturing companies to succeed in European markets and we can also open it up for you what EU’s Pandemic Recovery Plan concretely means to your business and how should you proceed to profit from it.

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