Dealer challenges? Thinking which direction to go?

Use Nordic Industries Development´s dealer analysis to your benefit.

When selecting new dealer or trying to solve result issues with existing ones, there are two fundamentals to remember.

First is to what vision is the selection based upon. Is it purely about quality vs. quantity setup? Secondly, is there clear expectations for the dealer´s performance and on the other hand, are we doing correct things ourselves to enable them?

The vision and working principles of company determine greatly the success of their dealer operations. When these two are clear, it´s a world of choices which depends on the country and market segment.

Do you need deep analysis of sales channel partners?

We have long experience in sorting sales channel challenges of our customers and based on that we have created a dealer analysis. In our analysis we take into consideration different  factors related to the dealer selection, such as dealer´s technical ability, resources, brand value, operative radius, customer and industry segment understanding etc….

If you feel that dealer analysis could clarify your vision of what type of dealers you should pursue, don´t hesitate to contact us and we will give you a free sparring session with interview based on our dealer analysis.

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