Aviation Industry is Taking Off, But is the Load Too Heavy?

It seems that the future will be bright for the Aviation industry, but there could be some turbulence in the air.

Military segment is getting a boost from the war between Ukraine and Russia and other conflicts around the world. Civil aviation has almost returned to post-Covid levels as well.

So, how does this affect the European Aviation industry and especially manufacturing?

Firstly, the aviation subcontracting sector faces a shortage of skilled workers. Training will take some time, as not all the new hires will have the necessary skillset.

For example, Airbus Group just announced that the company  will hire 13.000 people in 2023. Half of them will be needed in company’s workshops and assembly lines. As the transition of the aviation industry to carbon free future, new types of industries and engineering skills are needed to support the industry.

Secondly, the need for automation and robotics will increase greatly.

As to material costs, regardless the innovation in composites, the raw materials and especially, metal prices should remain high. This, added to tight labor market conditions and shortage of skilled people, is already driving salaries up and causing cost inflation. One of the solutions to contain the costs increase is to introduce more automation and robotized processes to production lines, from polishing to welding.

But, there are also other  immediate and tangible issues to be solved within the industry.

For example, a lack of specialized tooling or simple spare windows for specific plane types are typical bottlenecks for the industry currently. These bottlenecks cost unnecessary delays to the MRO segment and airlines.

Perhaps you have a solution and product? But you lack the right contacts and understanding of how to “go about” within aviation industry?

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