Afternoon Seminar on 20th of August – Change of Physical B2B Sales Channels in Time of Digitransformation

The dynamics of Physical B2B sales channels and distribution networks will change. We arrange free afternoon seminar on this topic together with Regus on Tuesday 20th of August in Keilaranta, Helsinki.

Physical B2B sales channel management is undergoing big transformation. Interaction between the channel partners, for example dealers, and production companies is changing from one directional to bidirectional. This means that for example dealer´s value is no longer only the amount of sales they make for the product they are supposed to sell, but also how much customer insight they can and are willing to offer from the sales field. The change results from digitransformation which enables new methods and tools to communicate, monitor and manage the functions of sales channels.

Tools are then again only half way to victory in these challenges especially when it comes to IT-applications. Even good tool may fail to produce value if the sales channel management processes are not well thought and thoroughly implemented throughout the sales channels.

Themes that are spoken about in the seminar:

  1. The roles between manufacturer/producer and distributor before, now and in the future (how product integrated IOT/telemetrics and sales and marketing automated solutions often hinder selling of the product)
  2. Why the role of good distributors/dealers in B2B sales channels will be more important than before
  3. Digitransformation and perfect CX cannot be established without channel partners
  4. Why one-directional collaboration model (here are the prices, catalogs, training and online…go and sell) is already past
  5. How to change one-directional channel collaboration model to two-directional (it´s not only about IT-solutions, but operating philosophies and about understanding markets and customers)
  6. What is the B2B sales channel “Partner Enablement” of the future and how can it be built (moulding IT-processes, channel and market insight, BI, CX and DX to functioning wholeness)
  7. How to scale the benefits and profits of digitransformation globally
  8. Case Studies (What kind of “Partner Enablement” development is currently ongoing in the world)

Are these challenges topical in your company? If yes, come to hear more on 20th of August to our free afternoon seminar we arrange together with Regus in Keilaranta, Helsinki.

Change of Physical B2B Sales Channels in Time of Digitransformation
Speaker: Juha Seppänen, CEO of Nordic Industries Development, with experience of more than 25 years and over 400 customer cases of B2B sales cahnnel dsevelopment for global stock listed companies and SMEs.
Time: 20th of August 2019
Place: Keilaranta 14 (main doors), 02150 Espoo. Life Science Center. Neuvottelutila Jazz (pääovien lähettyvillä)
Parking: 2-3 hours in front of main doors using parking disc
Register: [email protected]

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