Nordic spinoff app THE RUDOLF enhances the collaboration and visualizes actions in your sales channels

Understand more about your markets and customers with less reporting. Empower your sales channels and sales people to maximize their effectiveness.
Whether you have a CRM or not, do you know what is happening in your B2B sales channels? Do you want to visualize in a split second what sales actions have been done, what was the outcome and what needs to be done next?
All this is possible with The Rudolf.

The Rudolf will solve those problems. With The Rudolf, you see instantly, what has been done and what needs to be done next. With The Rudolf you can also gather market insights and do your meeting reports, on the spot, while visiting clients.

The problem our clients have with their CRM apps. and other existing sales tools, is that they are not compatible with actual sales situations. They are also loaded with unnecessary features. The difference being, in The Rudolf, we stripped down all unnecessary CRM clutter and features. We focused on the functions that enable the salespeople and management to monitor actions, all this in real time! We added features, such as built-in meeting reporting, to enhance productivity. The Rudolf can also be used as an interface for your CRM or standalone to suit your needs.

In fact, The Rudolf sales process and action management tool is the result of a long-term history of Nordic Industries Development´s expertize in sales channel development.

As a consulting company, we have collaborated and helped hundreds of different types and sizes of sales organizations, globally, past +20 years to achieve better channel control. Based on this wealth of experience and operational knowledge, it became clear already long time ago, that traditional tools are not practical for salespeople nor sales management when it comes to sales channel operations. They lacked the inherent understanding of “what is physically happening inside my channel and lead, in realtime” . Thus, there was a market need, for a modern tool with a different logic.

We needed 3 years, a great team, a lot of customer feedback from clients’ salesmen and management to make it happen. Now it is ready.  Our clients’ call it an ultimate sales management app. We call it THE RUDOLF.

The Rudolf is mobile, engaging and easy to use. It has the necessary features to make salespeople’ life easy and more productive. But not overlooking sales management needs.

Do you want to see the difference? Get familiar with our Rudolf  HERE.

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