What is your presence in US automotive industry?

We can help you to get “a piece of the action” of USA’s booming automotive market. USA is not only big automobile manufacturer, it is also a big automobile and component exporter. BMW, for example, uses USA as their manufacturing and supply base to South American markets.

Nordic Industries Development subsidiary was established in 2014 to provide unparallel market entry access to our European clients.

We assist our clients in finding the best “go to market” solutions for their needs and requirements.

Starting with focus market studies and competition analysis, we move forward to establish and develop BtB contacts for our customers. Based on your needs, we help you to establish market presence through local sales channel partners or incorporating and developing your subsidiary operations

With our local ecosystem, partners and their networks we navigate you through the complexity of US automotive industry, regardless your operational approach. In the Southern Ohio and Tri-State area alone, there is approximatively 300 automotive industry players to get you introduced. Interested?

Read more from  our automotive sector service brochure of how we can help you to integrate and scale your business in USA.

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