Nordic’s clients are moving forward in the USA

Nordic Industries Development has renewed contracts with 4 existing clients and signed contracts with 4 new Finnish manufacturing  companies to develop their presence and business activities in the USA.

Juha Seppänen, CEO of Nordic Industries Development North America LLC shares the news:  “We are excited to have these great companies trusting their USA development for our Cincinnati office.”  According to them,  few of the key criteria for choosing Nordic Industries Development North America LLC,  was that they can see clear value in Nordic’s actions and naturally its proven contacts to regional ecosystem and  industries in the Midwest.  Mr. Juha Seppänen points out: “Most of the foreign companies underestimate the importance and power of regional  networks when doing business in the USA.”

“Registering a company in Delaware is easy and just fine, but if you do not have strong regional presence and network, you might not get too far“. Nordic’s role is to help its clients to reach that regional presence enabling them to get inside the regional ecosystems and create a profitable and sustainable business case  in the USA.

Mr. Seppänen thinks too many companies are afraid to develop USA presence: “Euro is low currently and should remain so before the demand picks up in Europe. U.S markets are booming and most of the global markets are in slow motion looking for direction. From the European perspective U.S is an attractive investment and market development destination.”

USA is moving forward, are you?

Nordic Industries Development’s popular USA-PROSEMINARS are coming back in June with impressive line-up of regional industry leaders from Midwest of USA to share their insights and expertize of developing a presence in the USA.

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