Indian paper industry is growing almost 10% per year. To keep up the pace, more capacity is needed and demand for new technologies is increasing. But turnkey deliveries are not an option.
Who’s buying and when? We did found out.


NEED: Analysing the Technology specific CAPEX needs and identifying Decision makers for Paper and Pulp sector projects in India

CHALLENGE: A small technology provider wanted to penetrate into Indian market to sell specific industrial application for Paper and Pulp industry. Pure B to B case where the industry engineering expertize was pre-requisite to provide specific data to client

BENEFITS: As the technology solution of our client was a very small part of the whole scope and not available in the market they were able to use 2 sales channels. A) to sell directly to mills which were manufacturing locally B) propose to system integrators who were involved in bidding turnkey supply

BACKGROUND: In many cases emerging markets like India, industries prefer more and more manufacturing locally to buying turnkey from abroad. This enables also the smaller companies to sell directly to industries without being part of package of the system integrator. In our case, the technology sold by our client was very specific “heat island” related and the decision on technologies to be used was not always linked to existing CAPEX plans.

OUTCOME: The client obtained an in-depth understanding of technology needs and CAPEX plans of 186 paper and pulp mills. This enabled them to coordinate the sales efforts with system integrators for turnkey supply and working with their local agent for partial deliveries which have now yielded few contracts.

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