Construction industry in the Middle East is booming again. Yet, the industry is made of complex synergy of different layers of cultures, business practises and stakeholders. Who are really the decision makers ?

SALES CHANNEL DEVELOPMENT (Identifying, selecting and developing PEU sector project sales funnel industry leader)

NEED: Identifying, selecting and developing PEU sector project sales funnel


CHALLENGE: A stocklisted industry leader wanted to increase operational activity and sales to PEU (professional end user) segment. The existing country channel strategy had been mainly retail focused.
The sales to PEU sector was to be done by local distributor. But, due to lack of resources and expertize of “value” sales approach the distributor’s network was not able to provide coherent customer focused strategic information nor sales in estimated time.

BENEFITS: our client was able to prioritize PEU customers and harness the distributor’s scarce sales resources to focus on “low hanging fruits”.

BACKGROUND: For many companies operating through distributors in the Middle East and in Emerging markets, the main issue is obtaining accurate and unbiased market information. Also, despite the fact that local distributors are often well-known and visible in the market, stepping out of their comfort zone and developing new segments or sales approaches can be challenging. This might be because of limited human resources or even because of lack of support from the management.

Our customer’s EMEA division was forced to react fast due to corporate strategy prioritising PEU segments globally. There was no roadmap of “what, who and how” for PEU segment, as the market information was provided by the local distributor and their market focus had been retail.

OUTCOME: The PEU sales have been increasing steadily past years. The client was given strategic long term in-sight of market potential with different PEU segments for 3 years forward. This was thanks to diligently analysed and selected projects. The client has renewed their contract with us every year for other countries.

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