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Dealer challenges? Thinking which direction to go?

Use Nordic Industries Development´s dealer analysis to your benefit.

Cost effective way to crystalize sales strategy

Does your export strategy need perceiving big guidelines?

Why French aviation industry matters for Europe?

In Automn 2022 we will be kicking off an export group of Finnish aviation sector manufacturing, subcontractors and service providers, with heavy focus on French aviation industry.

Why French economy drives Europe currently?

Where as German markets seem to be stagnant, French economy has gotten plenty of air under it’s wings during Macron´s government. What has president Macron achieved during last 5 years?

Why Finnish export industry should be interested in EU’s Pandemic Recovery Plan?

EU has earmarked over 800 billion euros for next 5 years to improve it´s internal industries and standards of living, that’s why.

Nordic focuses in European markets in 2022

The year has started well with 5 new customers with market focus on Train and Traction, as well as Marine and Port Infrastructure in France.

Nordic spinoff app THE RUDOLF enhances the collaboration and visualizes actions in your sales channels

Understand more about your markets and customers with less reporting. Empower your sales channels and sales people to maximize their effectiveness.
Whether you have a CRM or not, do you know what is happening in your B2B sales channels? Do you want to visualize in a split second what sales actions have been done, what was the outcome and what needs to be done next?
All this is possible with The Rudolf.

Despite falling oil prices, industrial activity keeps resilient in the GCC

The fall in oil price and commodity prices has hit hard international basic industries and supporting businesses. Projects around the globe are being postponed or scaled down. Some reserves hailed previously with optimism and about their future potential such as Norwegian Continental Shelf, UK continental Shelf, shale gas and deep sea drilling have become less viable economically. The Arctic exploration has been nearly stopped all together.

SelectUSA Nordic Road Show – A Great Success!

SelectUSA Nordic Road Show toured Scandinavia and Estonia between September 14-21, 2015.

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