Offshore industry is still booming, but for how long time? To convert existing products to comply with offshore regulations requires fast engineering and operational indepth market information. We delivered on time. Operational industry specific in-depth market study.


NEED:To understand in detail the offshore value chain and sales channel model for the specific new product line. Identify the markets that provide the fastest return on investment.

CHALLENGE:The client is medium size manufacturer of components for ship electricity and equipment. The client needed to understand thoroughly the dynamics of global offshore markets and meet specific buyers and specifiers, as some final modification to the product line was to be made based on market needs and conditions.

BENEFITS:The client was able to acquire fast a sector specific understanding of electricity and instrumentation value chain in the offshore. NID built a comprehensive strategic analysis about the specific buyers, specifiers, owners operators and system integrators.

BACKGROUND:The client company had established a global market position in its core product segment, components for maritime electric equipment. With very limited working experience in Offshore segment the in-depth understanding of the players, segment dynamics and big picture was limited. The client was rolling out new product line with certification for offshore oil operations.. In order to launch the offshore grade new product line, the client needed to identify value chains of owners, operators, ship yards and system integrators in the offshore business.

Our customer’s EMEA division was forced to react fast due to corporate strategy prioritising PEU segments globally. There was no roadmap of “what, who and how” for PEU segment, as the market information was provided by the local distributor and their market focus had been retail.

OUTCOME:The NID operational market study pointed to the direction that purchasing decision makers for instrumentation and equipment are multiple. Also, the study brought up the fact that even if a company is strong in maritime sector, it does not automatically mean that same approach would work for offshore industry. Our sector specific insight enabled, firstly the client to address the right issues when introducing the new product line to its sales force and distributors. Secondly, based on our segment understanding of people and industry, the client met new key contacts in selected shipyards and owner/operators in Asia to start selling directly without wasting time.

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