How to hit the ground running in the USA and get fast introduction to local ecosystem?


NEED: To help the client establish their office, recruit the people, ramp up their sales and technical support operations


CHALLENGE: Recruiting the right people from the very beginning was a challenge, especially when the USA operation is still partly managed from Europe. Understanding the operational needs of the company and choosing the right operating structure before establishing the company in USA as well integrating the company to the local ecosystem.

BENEFITS: Huge time and resource savings. The client was able to start operating directly “hit the ground running” with new established entity, promising sales growth and introduction to local ecosystem in a very constraint timeframe.

BACKGROUND: The company had done 2 years of hard sales and market research work in the USA. Yet, getting the piece of action and understanding how important local support and ecosystems were for their future business was not evident for a company headquartered in Europe. They had been visiting customers regularly in USA, but not been integrated into USA business landscape, regardless the sales done by the local distributor.

OUTCOME: The client is now present in the market with their own sales and technical operations and working hard with support of Nordic Industries to triple their sales into double digits within 2-3 years.

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