Planning to go to market in the Middle East or to refocus of your sales channels?

Nordic Industries Development has completed assignments in the Middle East since 1997 and the first office was established in Dubai in 2004.

Despite the region being a magnet for international investment and relocation of companies, there is a number of typical challenges faced by companies and business managers operating in the region. At first, there is a diversity between different countries in the Persian Gulf. While the lifestyle of Dubai resembles increasingly the hectic and impersonal buzzle of any global metropolis, to develop a business case in Saudi Arabia or Kuwait can be much more complex and traditional.

Even companies who are on top of their games and leagues may find it challenging to get into local value chains and to understand where are the best market opportunities. Nordic Industries Development has established practises to identify the opportunities and then recommend the right actionables to address right decision makers and end customers.

Since the pace of development has been overwhelming in countries such as the UAE, management of sales channels can pose certain challenges. It might be that a distributor has lost their key personnel, benefits are not correctly aligned between the distributor and the principal. The performance of channel partners can be compromised and business be stagnant or lost.

Nordic Industries Development can help your company to identify best channel partners to your product and business, as well as in building existing relationships in a transparent and sustainable way.

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