All companies need in-depth market information when developing new markets and sales channels or revitalizing and streamlining existing operations.
Our 358 service portfolio evolves around our client’s specific information and operational needs by answering the questions WHAT? WHERE? WHO? WHEN? WHY? And HOW? It comprises simplified in-depth market analysis and actionables, as well as channel audit to analyse capabilities, competencies, operations and efficiencies of channel partners. Whether you need…

  • Basic strategic market insight (3)
  • Dealer, distributor, decision maker and value chain analysis (5)
  • Operational support, customer follow-ups or channel management (8).

How do you share and scale the benefits of digitalization throughout your B2B sales channels?

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The 358 answers your industry and market specific questions accurately and fast, providing unmatched operational and strategic information.

The biggest advantage of 358 compared to other market studies are the “actionables”. Instead of wasting time on long reports, we have created a “hit and sink” approach to present market information. Actionables are operational and sales channel specific information which can be used immediately to boost your sales, increase market control resulting on faster Return On Investment.

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“Channel audit challenges the client to face their sales channel realities and to understand what is achievable with each partner and what needs to be done to build an outstanding channel operations.”

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