The Rudolf

The Rudolf platform brings visually together the strategic market information, customer in-sights and sales channel actions, in real-time.

The Rudolf Smart Sales Channel Tool

There is a lot of sales data and information in corporate CRMs, but do you have real-time information and in-sights to react and change your strategies fast? Or do you really see beyond the pipeline of “what is the real story behind your sales ?”

In fact, too many companies, operate in the dark. Sales management tools look inwards and in retrospect, gathering data, but not providing valuable information of actual sales visits or customer insight in real-time. They focus on pipeline and rarely can be used  as a collaborative tool with channel partners..

The Rudolf is a collaborative tool focusing on actionables, actions and their outcomes.

The Rudolf is not a CRM, it goes deeper and further to the actions. It is an ultimate sales channel efficiency, process and customer insight visualization platform. It provides the client a full visibility of sales actions taken within the channel, all the way to dealers, and the results in real-time. You see, what is done, not done and needs to be done.

The Rudolf enables you to follow the on-going sales actions and to develop a solid sales processes and support system to assist your sales people and channel partners to sell better and reduce unnecessary reporting. Yet still gathering value market information and customer in-sights in real time.

The Rudolf provides the managers the tool to effectively coordinate the sales in different regions of the world “on the go”, in a simple but effective and efficient way. Use it with CRM or ERP or without. The Rudolf helps you to:

  • RECEIVE objective sales information and in-sights in real time
  • UNDERSTAND and be well informed what is happening in the channel
  • REACT AND CHANGE your strategies and tactics faster
  • GIVE TASKS AND ASSIGNMENTS to frontline sales teams
  • COORDINATE the sales actions with channel partners
  • GATHER consistent market information and insights systematically

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