In the increasingly urbanized and technology oriented world, the energy is the key to the future of businesses, countries and communities. The ownership, contracting and engineering of mega projects is shifting from Europe towards US and Asia. Also, the small and micro scale power generation can be approaching a tipping point to become a truly disruptive force. Who is your client?

The global demand for energy is increasing rapidly. Mass transportation, need for water and sanitation, increased data processing capacity, business and leisure being increasingly dependent on network technology all drive demand for more power production and distribution.

Typically the highest growth rates in power generation and distribution are in the emerging markets, rich in resources but poor in capital. The projects are won by contractors who will bring in both capital and equipment. How can that work for the benefit of SMEs who have the technology, but not the access for bank or sovereign credit?

Nordic Industries Development has advised its clients in complex projects, whether it be de-engineering the supply-chain, identifying the specifying engineers and channel partners in products and services ranging from balance of plants for 2400 MW power plants to network solutions for distance monitoring and control.

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