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The shale revolution and LNG are set to redraw the world energy map in coming decades. However, it is reasonable to ask whether their importance is over estimated? And if so, what it means to the investment in conventional sources in the Middle East, Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea? Offshore boom in East Africa and South East Asia? With lots of hype and uncertainties in the market, well based decisions to build a sales channel are increasingly important.

Currently the Oil and Gas market is full of mixed signals. Despite geopolitical crises which constrain supply of traditional energy exporters, the price for crude oil has kept stable. Equally, some industry experts consider the promise of abundant liquid gas premature and unfounded.

Is your company aiming at tapping into the new boom of shale technologies and world powered by LNG? Or does your company offer new innovative technologies for downstream processes. NID has advised its clients in understanding how to position and to whom to market their new technologies in the value-chain.

Nordic Industries Development has 20 years of experience in the manufacturing and engineering industries in oil and gas verticals. An average oilfield takes at least 12 years from confirmed exploration to first oil. The process has dozens of sub processes and hundreds of stakeholders. We will help your company to identify the right drivers of demand and ideal channels, within the value chain, to tap in to the potential of booming oil and gas sector.

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