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Investments, political ambitions and human entrepreneurial endeavours constantly shift the landscapes of marine and offshore building. Only companies with deep understanding of technologies and global competition as well as the knowledge of people and businesses that make the industry can expect to last in the long run.

For a while it seemed that the global pools of Marine and Offshore manufacturing would concentrate increasingly in South East Asia. More recently, ambulance the cards of the industry have been dealt again. China and Japan might be still interested in cruiseship building, but the construction capacity will be shared between Italians, Germans and French.  At the same time, countries like Singapore are venturing into high-end offshore segment which is still heavily controlled by norwegian interests. Areas such as Middle East and Mexican Gulf have maintained their status as hubs of manufacturing because of massive local and regional investments and will remain so for years to come.

NID has built long term business for clients who sell their technology to new markets and technology segments. This is possible only because of roughly 20 years of expertise and insider knowledge of the  global hubs of Marine and Offshore construction.

Basic engineering for modular building of technical areas, welding automation for steel structures, ceiling panels for accommodation areas, HVAC, engineering companies and an equally diverse range of other businesses have benefited from approaching NID in their needs of understanding and controlling their existing or newly established global markets.

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