One of the key questions of cleantech is: How to put a price on clean, healthy and eco- friendly environment? Good environment profits everyone, so it is not obvious who will foot the bill. Who are the financiers? Who exactly specifies and / or buys environmental technology?

Nordic Industries Development has advised clients in environmental technologies since 1997. Environmental technology seldom sells only by an argument that it is good for nature, reduces waste or conserves energy. Environmentally friendly part is the process of doing or achieving something else.

For example, if there is an initiative for clean community water by regional development bank, the bank will not buy or specify desalination plants. Or, if a global company wants reduce their carbon footprint, do they buy lots of hybrid cars or focus on better logistics planning and IT in fleet management? This is a very good example of one need driving potentially very different businesses.

The strength of NID is to identify: Where are the buyers for a particular technology, which partner and which channel strategy will take you there?

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